From the title of this post, I’m sure most of you expect to find lots of snobbish academic-speak, throwing around of huge words and whatnot. This however couldn’t be further from the reality which is actually pretty interesting.

I love the rich African culture and all it has to offer so I make a point of interacting with different people learning their way of life. I don’t normally do this kind of posts, but after listening to a dj’s mix of these songs on my way home in a matatu, I realized how rich the African culture is. Most notably in terms of the African people expressing themselves through various art-forms. Be it poetry, song, dance, paintings among other artistic creations.

It follows that there are times when I will be listening to songs playing on the stereo and I will chuckle from time to time after finding out what exactly the artist must have been feeling at the time of composure.

The songs in that particular mix CD in listened were:

The depth of the metaphors in these three songs are way beyond the scope of this post! Therefore if you feel adequately schooled in Swahili stylistic devices, please feel free to drop your opinion down here in the comments section. Non-swahili speakers I will do my best to translate what I find out.