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Employment you ask?

Everyone always seems to have some advice to share regarding this matter. Be it tips about rewriting my resume in such a way that my skill-set and services will be sought from far and wide (never mind that they’ll charge me for it yet I am on a short leash, budget-wise!), which recruitment agency has the best track record, which website posts the latest jobs in my hypothetical field of work and such like information. I say hypothetical because I cannot declare it my field of expertise unless I have over a year’s experience to show for it. Lord knows how many interviews I’ve been to. As a result, my once attractive graduation suit is now on its last legs! I’m starting to think that even the neighbors always know when I’m going for a job interview because they always wish me good luck when they come across me in that suit!

Celebrating more than a year in unemployment is no joke. As a matter of fact, it is very easy to lose hope of ever getting employed. Forgive me for calling it a celebration; I seem to have developed a habit of looking at every glass half full no matter the circumstances! It’s not nearly as joyous as any celebration should be, per se, unless of course we are referring to a celebration of life, which is a totally unrelated topic. But I digress.

It is very easy to get caught up in the undergraduate dream (is what I call it). You know the illusion fresh graduates get right after being granted the power to read. Landing a well-paying job immediately after graduating, moving out of my father’s house, enjoy being independent for a while then starting a family of my own.

Don’t get me wrong, this dream does come true for very many people. I just happen to not be in that percentile as at now! But the fact that it has not yet come true for me does not mean that I am a failure. Please understand that this is no consolation or self-affirmation exercise. I happen to be a very skillful confident young man who simply hasn’t found his niche and as such, I have decided to count my blessings and look forward to a very bright future 🙂

While a good number of my old campus classmates boast of an 8-5 job, I boast (not verbally of course) about having lots of free time that I use to plan the perfect business venture. While they try and find ways of getting an alternative source of income, I find that I have a great deal of time to help my father in farm work. The chicken, rabbits, tomatoes and I have forged a bond that knows no limits! Making a neat amount of cash in farming is not easy, but I have decided to make it my forte. It is for this reason that I do not sulk for days on end, wondering how my life will go on if I don’t get a job soon.

I happen to be a strong believer in planning and discipline; my almost non-existent levels of either virtue notwithstanding. You might wonder where I am going with this but just keep reading.

I am a proud dweller of the local diaspora, aka Ongata Rongai and whenever I commute to Nairobi I have a chance to marvel at how well planned-out the China Wu-Yi company projects are. Save for the loads of bureaucracy and frustration they encounter from our powers that be, I think that they truly are a gifted lot. So much is my confidence in their well-executed projects that I have decided to try my hand at the same. Well, not exactly road construction, but simply become more effective and decisive in my every day undertakings. Writing out clear-cut goals along with their deliverables, setting the bar high for myself and finally making sure that I have the patience and resilience to follow through on every short and long term project/goal that I decide to delve into. No more wasting of capital on projects that I will not follow through, no more wasting of money on quacks who tell me nothing I don’t already know and no more letting myself down by not grabbing with both hands opportunities that life hands me.

I have decided to be a self-starter.

I have decided to become a China man!

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