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No matter how big or small it is, a victory is just that; a victory. And should be celebrated and treated as such. In life, there will always be goals and challenges which are arbitrarily calibrated by our victories in these respective areas. That said, I think that it is relatively easy to get caught up in the small victories so much that we are unable to let go of them and spread open our arms out to let in bigger, more valuable victories. It is not completely unlikely that once or twice I have sought to achieve the same victory more than twice, thanks to what I now see as a fear of leaping into the unknown. You know, exploring something totally out of your scope just to see if you can make it without anyone having to hold your hand. In my mind, this theory kind of made sense; I’m not too sure I can say the same as I bang it all up here on my keyboard.

Sometimes we tend to see smaller milestones as the end of the road, so we take our helmets off and slip into our slacks, yet they are there only to act as a gate-way to bigger things. The question that keeps bugging me is how do you know that it’s not yet the end of the road for you? (Forget how that sounded like a metaphor for death. Picture it more like the ultimate victory that one can achieve. Assuming one can put a cap on it all). But seriously, what will stop you from taking your foot off the accelerator and setting up camp instead of setting your sights higher up the peak?

You will forgive me if this post seems to have no legs whatsoever or any  predetermined sense of direction. This is how my thought process is most of the times nowadays. Until I can recollect this particular chain, I will stop here.