Sad truth but I really need to follow this advice :’-/

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1. Appreciate what you have already.

There is always that moment — usually when you are moving, and having to put all of your earthly belongings into just a few manageable boxes — where you realize just how much crap you have managed to accumulate. We’re all little Pig-Pens, walking around with our cloud of dust, except for instead of little black lines, we’re surrounded by a bunch of clothes we never wear. So instead of running to the store to pick up another beige blazer to add a new, robust dynamic to your already-solid beige blazer collection, why not do something more constructive, like shopping your closet? Forcing yourself to reimagine the things you already own allows you to realize just how unnecessary many of your purchases actually are.

2. Do your budgeting first, the rest after.

If you don’t put away a little bit of your money…

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