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First things first. I promise not to turn this into a full-blown photography blog. That said, looking through my photography archives, I ran into some interesting pictures that kind of re-ignited the passion and flame that burns within me, pushing me to explore the limits of life behind that camera lens. Sounds poetic that rant right there, yes? No? Okay, let me get on with the pictures then. 😀


People going about their business in a small town along the Namanga highway.


The Kenya-Tanzania Border at Namanga. If my megre recollection of the Swahili language serves me right, Jumuia ya Afrika Mashariki should roughly translate to East African Community.


Same location at the border. The way the cloud’s shadows fell upon these hills caught my eye quite a bit.


A hill that touched the clouds


A boy we shared a meal with. I think his name was Emmanuel. Third in a family of six. The warm young lad had some interesting tales to tell.


Saw this two masaai warriors approaching and I figured this would look pretty neat in an advert. Still waiting for some big-shot company to approach me regarding the same! Pipe dreams you say? 😀


Felt like some nat-geo journalist taking these pics!


Unlucky day at the office. It started to rain pretty hard just as I took this picture.


The Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge in Tanzania. Didn’t stay there but I’ve heard it’s a very nice place to stay. They had all their rates in dollars. Not a few dollars.


Corridor art


Enroute Nairobi from Mombasa. Monkey business on the road ahead

2013-04-01 11.58.15

Sad times. Heading back to normal life in Nairobi.



Unlucky guy. Wrong time, wrong place 😀


The little fella then just went on with his day without a care in the world!


Hotel room view. Pretty relaxing


Toasted bread for breakfast at the Ali Barbour restaurant in Diani?


I honestly wish I had a caption for this!

2013-03-31 12.00.47

A ten-a-side tourney in Nakuru.

2013-03-31 15.35.36

Barbeque in Nakuru at the Prinsloo sevens. The clouds were just about to open up!

2013-04-07 15.02.48

Found this little guy living on the edge at the Masaai ostrich farm in Kajiado


A scene straight out of final destination! Breathed a sigh of relief as we overtook this truck!


A male chicken in it’s home