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So I decided to try out a bit of amateur photography. My first instinct was to throw in everything from my gallery but better sense prevailed and so I decided to start out with these. Might do a couple more depending on how I feel about these ones.There is no specific storyline to go with the images, just as the title says. I did most of it using a Samsung galaxy 5830i. Clarity may not be the best, but on the up side, I did capture the moments :-p

Pre-colonial structures

This building caught my eye one morning as I rushed to work. Twenty-something years in the city and I had never realized how great it looks! Its at the intersection of Moi Avenue and Khoja roundabout.

Sunrise in Nairobi

Sunrise in Nairobi. Raises my spirits more often than not. Same location.

Uhuru park Sunset,

Sunset at Uhuru park. Was lucky to get a flock (I have no idea if that’s the collective noun for them) of marabou storks in the shot.

Evening in Nairobi

A crowded downtown amidst evening hustle and bustle and a Z4 🙂

Old house

This is an old piece of architecture I bumped into as I did a random walk in Ngara. I honestly didn’t know that such structures existed in this place. Excuse the crooked angle. This isn’t the safest part of town so I had to be on the lookout for suspicious characters.

Evening shift

Mad respect for guys who hustle hard for their loved ones. Evening shift had just started for these two lads. Had to take a quick snap lest I got flattened by the mkokoteni.


prison break :-D

Home time. This kid reminded me of that time at the end of the day that I used to cherish so much while back in primary school.

Thika superhighway.

Thika Superhighway from a footbridge. I really couldn’t resist taking a picture of the sun setting.

Boda boda POV

Passenger POV from a bodaboda. Gotta beat the evening traffic one way or another.

Fashion show

Fashion show last year at the Ngong race course. Everyone said this catwalk  ramp was the longest in they’d ever seen! I got the chance to shoot this from the DJs box. These asymmetric angles will be the death of me :-/

Fashion show this year at the village market.

Fashion show runway this year at the village market.


After running around for most of the day, we restored lost energy with some unhealthy eating!


Had lots of these for dessert but I still do not know what they were. Quite delicious though.

Nairobi by night.

My pals and I heading home after a night out in Nairobi.