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Is it bad to go shopping for even though you have not a single cent in your pocket? Does it show how much of a day-dreamer you are or does it show the great amount of ambition you have? Well, Initially, I intended to post this as a question but I pretty much came up with the answer as I wrote this post. I guess how you approach the whole scenario is what matters. Are you doing anything towards achieving that goal or do they fall under the category of pipe-dreams?What if the only motivation I have is of owning whatever it is I am dreaming about? Forget the long journey of toiling and slaving towards this end. I simply just want to get up one day and find the object of my desire on a silver platter. Is that too much to ask? I might say that I’m considering other people’s feelings while making that decision, but in the long run, it all boils down to what I want.

Sounds a bit selfish, I know but I guess one can only live in a shell for so long. The habit of getting affected by other people’s opinions has been eating into me for the longest time now. Each time  before I make a major decision, I first have to perform a ‘literature review’ to see if it’s socially acceptable.I didn’t know that people pleasing was so tiring! The people who’s footsteps I supposedly should be following had none to come after but their own innovation. That is consolation enough for me.

Sometimes, I think being impulsive is great! Other times, not so much. I guess I’ll find out soon enough. Might be quite costly but I don’t have too much too lose.

Sorry for the ambiguity but I will be sure to tell you how it goes.

stay tuned:)