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Feeling needed is probably one the best feelings any human will ever experience. Well, and also actually being needed. Be it by a spouse, a son/daughter, a relative, or just a friend. Even though most of the time we deny it and complain about the responsibilities that come with this feeling, it remains a fact that everyone who is capable of loving wants to be needed.

I’m not trying to make you lose faith in love.It may actually come as the next stage after being together for so long but for now, forget this crap.

hmmm, not too sure about this but…

Sounds pretty skeptical, I know but this is a perfect example of a tit-for-tat kind of love arrangement. When you tell a man that you love him, all that he hears is ‘I NEED YOU’. I love you, you need me.

Now this makes much more sense.

I’m just going to be honest and tell you now that we are not offended in by this notion in the slightest. The whole concept of love is a foreign one to most of us men anyway. Plus it is also in line with how men are programmed to provide for their loved ones. In any case, if I am just as ‘useful’ as any other man out there, then WTH are we doing together? I’d like to think that a woman chooses to be with a man because he stands out from the crowd in a way that is attractive to her; not forgetting the fact that he does things for her like no other man can. Oh, and because she ‘loves‘him. I’m sorry if it comes out as a relationship of convenience, but that’s probably how it is for most people. Oh, what’s that? You need a house and a car?  Why not throw in an ATM machine in there as well. Fine I’ll give you those things but in return, I need a trophy wife, a nice hot home cooked meal every so often and perhaps companionship for those extra lonely days. If the terms are close enough to what he/she can provide, then they end up together.

It kind of sucks that emotions are not paraded like items in a supermarket for us to pick the ones we like and leave behind those that come with a bit of that extra baggage. I wish it was like that though. I mean, wouldn’t it be much more fun to walk out of a break up and pick up life from where you left off ever since the emotional rollercoaster began. Or to say goodbye to a close friend or relative at a funeral without shedding a single tear and worrying how you will live your life without them. Wouldn’t it be so much easier?

The truth is that it probably wouldn’t be that much easier; at least not for long. People would perish for the silliest of reasons because they wouldn’t have the capability to learn from past mistakes. To feel is to live. And to learn. Probably the one and only sure way that lessons are bound to get through to some of us in school. Perhaps the reason why some people didn’t learn much in school.  If you get burned from touching a hot frying pan, then you will inevitably be more cautious in the kitchen. It’s a complicated life this one but I guess the good Lord did a lot of thinking before molding us from earth, installing this jigsaw puzzle that is our emotions and sending s out to procreate. This may be a cliché saying but still remains a sad truth that most feelings are taken for granted until we no longer have the capacity to experience them; either by choice or as a result of circumstances that are not within our control.

Today, go out; remind the people you love that you do and grab violently at all the chances that present themselves in your path. Carpa diem. Thank your real friends for being able to stand your shenanigans for so long and do something nice for them. After all, the Good Book condemns those who live in isolation without sharing and appreciating the company of others- a tragedy they call it. Don’t be that guy.

There’s no reason to hold back. Live life to the fullest and love like you’re gonna die young.

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