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Is there a link between intoxicated euphoria and deep thought about personal achievments? Im I that dysfunctional that the only time I can focus long enough to think about where my life is headed is when Im slightly intoxicated? Sucks that I couldnt find the ‘post’ button on my wordpress app thanks alot samsung. Weird coz everytime I get tipsy I think deeply about what I’d like to achieve in life and the goals that I have failed to achieve over time. Wondering what it is that is stopping me from being the best I can be. Is there something wrong with me? Why dont I just enjoy the environment? and the loud music. and the uncoordinated bodies dancing to the latest music mixes? I wonder…we pretend that we do it so sophisticated and whatnot but after watching these shenanigans for about two hours, I realized that we are no much different from our animal/prehistoric human counterparts. They used to dance around huge log-fires during ceremonial celebrelations then proceed to celebrate the night by consumation with a partner of choice. Isn’t that exactly what we do nowadays? Replace fire with the whole night club environment and banana leaf-skirts/loin cloths wih mini skirts. The difference is hardly noticable. Probably just the occasional camera flash from theΒ  masses taking photos to post on facebook, twitter and instagram.
Is it that being out on the rave acts as a wake up call for me? Coz if thats the case, then I should most definitely be doing it more often. With little to no alcohol of course. I’m clearly not good at poker-facing those nasty hangovers.