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Ever thought about how much time you spend comparing yourself to other people and their achievements? Ever thought of starting a project but you abandon it even before commencing, simply because you compared the expected returns to those that another person gets and ended up disqualifying yourself on these grounds? Well, I have. And on many occasions might I add. It sucks to think about how many opportunities I’ve allowed to go begging, yet if I had been a little more patient, a good percentage of them would have given me some pretty good returns by now. Instead, this is what I do.

Current status of my to-do list

Current status of my to-do list

That and also tell myself that what I would make would be too ‘insignificant’. Talk about being my own wet blanket. Probably the same reason why I would be less drawn to apply for a job that pays less. That’s pretty dumb, right?

Well, I’ve watched lots of inspirational speakers go on about how everyone’s initial hustle isn’t the most glamorous or nearly the most successful, but that does not mean that it’s utterly useless. As a matter of fact, it might as well be the most important part of your career coz this is where you acquire character. The character that builds wisdom in your young mind and molds you to see opportunities where others see impossibilities. Sounds pretty workable when I put it down like this in words, doesn’t it.

If only I could take my own advice. *sigh

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