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The rules: Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog. Link back to the blogger who awarded you. Display the award on your blog. Nominate 5 blogs that you enjoy to receive the award who have less than 200 followers.

7 things about me

  1. The T in the title of my blog name stands for Timothy. I do not wish to assume anonymity here on blogosphere and it therefore follows that the depictions here are of my own conception so I take full responsibility for them. I however do not advertise my blog on social media platforms; nothing against this but I prefer that one stumbles upon it by accident. For those I have mentioned the blog to, consider yourself here accidentally on purpose.
  2. I am the last born child in a family of 5. Three kids, all male. Its a mans world!
  3. More often than not I happen to be the youngest among those with whom I socialize. Fortunately or otherwise I started school a year too early and this is the reason for fact #3. Naturally, I relate better with people who are older than I am. I however do not mind younger company.
  4. When no one is looking, I sometimes open the refrigerator and drink juice/soda straight from the box/bottle. Yes, with the refrigerator door still open. Pretty badass, no? I’m not sure if its the thrill of doing it in secrecy or because it just tastes sweeter that way!
  5. I procrastinate, A WHOLE LOT during my free time. Now, the last part of this sentence may portray this habit as harmless, yes? This unfortunately is not the case since of late this ‘pass time activity’ has been eating into my ‘constructive time’ so now I have to organize my thoughts and activities for the week prior to its beginning. Failure to do this will see me successfully squander my time on irrelevant and sometimes regrettable activities. I need not say more.
  6. I used to sleep talk a lot when I was younger.  Back when my brother and I had ‘dominion issues’ I would dream on one too many nights of mercilessly kicking his butt. The same would be accompanied by not-so-palatable commentary and I am guessing it is for this reason that our wrangles came to a sudden end. Perhaps he one night couldn’t sleep and on waking up to get a glass of milk, got wind of my subconscious nocturnal conceptions. I must say however that this is pure speculation.
  7. I enjoy writing by hand. Much more than I do typing. So much so that I actually wrote this post by hand on paper. I contemplated uploading a picture of the note on paper, but you will probably laugh at my chicken-scratch handwriting. That would be counter-productive. I was popular in campus; probably for the wrong reasons though. I hardly ever missed a class so everyone who skived would at some point ask for my notes. I hated copying notes off anyone else. That and a subconscious fear of being left behind; maybe in more ways than one? Hmmm.
  8. I am very much afraid of growing old. I want to remain forever young. Cliché I know but that’s just how I feel. Progress however is in the making. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that one day my skin will become all saggy and wrinkly, but just so you know, I will probably be the only 90 year old grandpa with killer abs and smoking guns! So take down my number now, I know I just met you, and this is crazy, you’ll love this grandpa, just call him maybe.
  9. I know I said that this post would contain seven things, but I just gotta include this last one. I recently fell in love. Yes, I SAID IT! A friend of mine introduced me and after looking her up, I immediately fell for her. She doesn’t know I exist, but I hope to make her mine in the next two years. Sound like a twisted case of stalking but hey, don’t judge me. We all got secrets. Her name is Baja, last name XR650. Just so you know, the ‘j’ is pronounced ‘h’ so don’t get it wrong. She really hates it when people say it wrong! Word of advice, don’t look into her eyes. I think that’s what got me hooked! Her rear is equally tantalizing so I would advice that you avoid that as well. Now because I think you guys are cool peoples, I’ll show a picture of her that she sent me. I’m not sure what she will think of this but anyway, this is she.
Isn't she a beauty?

Baja my love:)

Thanks a lot Janice at ‘your daily dose blog‘ for nominating me for this award:) I had to think deeply about my life and those who make it what it is. This can’t possibly be a bad thing;) Thank you for helping me take my baby steps through this tough blogging journey. I’m always uplifted by your positivity and how ever upbeat you are.

I would like to nominate Barbz at  ‘Behind my my stunnerz‘ for this award. I always enjoy reading her posts coz they always give me a new perspective of life. Her blend of humor and emotions make it an interesting read and I always look forward to the next post.She however recently turned to fashion blogging (flogging :-D) so I have really missed her stories. I hope this inspires her to write again.

The other blog I enjoy reading is Lex’s ‘Lies our parents told us‘. Her take on life’s issues always make me laugh so I have made it a habit to visit. The sarcasm she’s got going on is on a whole ‘nother level (is that even a real word?lol).

Ian you probably have received enough of these award nominations and have way more than 200 followers but I feel obliged to do the same. Your tales are highly captivating and it is for this reason that I do not dare start reading any of your posts if I know that I may not have time to finish it. Is it weird that after I’m done reading, it fees like I witnessed the actual ordeal itself? Enough with the man-pampering.

Last but not least is this guy sokaylujo. His command of the language is intense and sometimes lyrical. He writes poems every once in while. I will take this opportunity to inform him that even though I think very highly of these poems, I may not comment on them; brother-to-brother that would be a bit fruity.

I am hungry now and I haven’t had dinner so I will stop there for now, but I promise to add more nominees soon. I hope I got the format right Janice.