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I think I have finally found the courage to leave. To walk out the door and never look back. Truth be told, it’s taken me the better part of last year and this year to make my decision. This is easily one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in all my twenty-something years of existence. Understandably so because this is probably the longest standing relationship I’ve had. I’m sad, but what choice do I have?

I really can’t stay any longer. To keep telling myself that this person will one day change for the better is becoming a real drag. I no longer look forward to those random meetings we used to have. Sometimes it would be fortnightly, sometimes longer depending on if wanted to look my best.

We’ve just had one of those special meetings right now, and I must admit, I doesn’t take a shrink to know that the spark no longer exists. We had to have this last meeting now mostly because I start school tomorrow so I’ll probably not have much time on my hands for the next month or so. A goodbye of some sorts if you like. I’ I can’t do this any longer, I’m just tired and from this angle, it doesn’t look like it will get any better.

It could always get worse :-/

The worst thing about this break up is that I am not guaranteed that I’ll find someone who was as half as good as this person is. I mean, who else knows me this intimately? Who else knows about that out-of-place patch of hair I have on my head. Damn, now everyone does 😐 On top of that, I can’t avoid bumping into this person everyday as I leave home in the morning and as I return in the evening. At this rate, I just might have to move house so  we never meet again! Its that serious.

Its been close to nine years now and I don’t think I have the morale to get back on the market. Maybe I’ll just sit this one out. Wait until the right one comes along. Whats the worst that could happen, right?

He used to do a good job, but now, I’m not so sure. My heart is no longer in this. I’m at the end of m rope so I’ve made up my mind. I’m on the hunt for a new barber. Know someone? Hit me up so I can pay them a visit while I’m still on the market;-) Forget what I said in this post. I’m now keeping an open mind:) I haven’t had the chance to try a female barber, so this might be my chance.

Can you see the awkward patch on the front left side near my forehead?

This is how it good was when we first started. Vanity, no? We even experimented with options every once in a while. *sigh

I’ll post the results of my expeditions as they unfold. Hoping that pictures will also be part of it.