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So I’ve been on the DL for a pretty long time; I know, and I’m really sorry my dear blog.I won’t even justify my absence. It’s laziness.

I think getting done with school work has been the main reason for all this slacking. Most of the times I just log in, check my blogroll to see if I’ll pick up any morale to write, but nothing. Nowadays I’m even too lazy to comment on peoples posts. *sigh. Seeing as I do not have much on my plate at the moment, my hamster seems to have fallen asleep at the wheel (can you believe that I initially wanted to title my blog ‘asleep at the wheel’ tsk tsk). So the lazy bug bit me pretty hard!

Anyway, at the risk of going on and on about, well, nothing, I think it is about time I tell you why I’m here. I take pictures of very random things using my phone. You might wonder what kind of amateur photographer I am, but hold on, there’s an explanation to this.  After my digital camera handed in its resignation, this is all I was left with. It’s not much, but it gets the job done. In connection to this, I am setting up an camera fund to . . .well you know what a camera is; and what a fund is, no? All donations will be received with uttermost gratitude:)

Very recently, we’ve experienced really heavy rains and I just wanted to capture the heavy downfall – all untamed in its full rage and fury (professional photographers talk like that, no?). Its not a picture of actual rain falling, but rather the aftermath. You see . . .

Okay, I think I might end up doing what I had earlier said I wouldn’t do, you know, going on and on . .  so let me just show you the goods.

Road? River?

No this is not a river. A murram path once existed right underneath this water mass! The blurriness in the distance and the drops on the water (for those with a keen pair of eyes) is actually rain. I had rush to find shelter right after taking this.

Rolling in the deep!

This is me testing the waters in my trusted ‘all-terrain’ gumboots. Don’t ask why I was out at this particular time, just be grateful that I braved where few men have walked and risked my life in a quest to bring you the inside scoop:)

Sunny Saturday morning:)
I took this from a matatu while stuck in really bad traffic on a Saturday morning. The Mercedes Benz (foreground) is actually longer than this picture lets out. It’s the main reason why I took this photo. This is how the less ‘informal’ areas were affected by the ‘flash floods’! I’m sure the bride and groom (other Mercedes) prayed really hard for the weather to hold out for the greater part of the day! It must have been their lucky day.

Thank you cafe23 for your post. I would have spent the rest of my adult life looking for something long and ‘sensible’ to blog about! I will do all that I can to not deliberately point this out as a perfect example of there being elegance in simplicity. I tried. There being nothing further to add to this post, I shall stop here. More photos coming soon so stay tuned:)