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The Good Book tells us that every one of us was put on this earth for a reason and for a season. Well, the season part I have no trouble with; it’s the reason part that kicks my mind into overdrive every time I think about it.

Faith consistency and hard work, is the maxim that I have decided to live by after watching the #FCHW video by spokenreasons on youtube. To quote his words directly, you need faith to believe that something is going to come true through the will of God. You need consistency, to never give up. A lot of people get success, but lack consistency because they settle. Real success is having it and keeping it. And finally, you need hard work. Work ethic is everything. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. He goes on to say that if you apply #FCHW to whatever it is you’re doing and you’re success is 100% guaranteed.

Is it really?

With that said, I have a bunch of questions that I’m hoping can be answered.

To be honest, I don’t know if it’s a phase I’m going through, or if this is just how life after campus always feels. I mean, I’ve read and heard about hundreds of success stories. You know, people who start off doing some low level job in a back alley somewhere and after putting in unrelenting hard work, they end up with the career of their dreams. It’s always the same story of perseverance and hard work. But does this mean that all humans are bound by this fate? Does this mean that everyone will make it ‘big’ at a particular point in their life? If this is so then why are some people born to a life of poverty and end up leaving this world poorer than they came?  Is there a selected few who still won’t do too well no matter how much work they put in.

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On the other hand, why is it that some people find success without even having to look for it? Why is it that Justin Beiber is worth over a $53 million at just 18 years of age?  Why is it that the Kardashian family earns truck-loads of cash from living their ordinary lives? The only difference from the rest of us being that they do their other otherwise regular stuff in front of a bunch of tv cameras.  But as you may have guessed, even if you had that same bunch of tv cameras following you everywhere, nobody would watch your show. Not even if there was literally nothing else on showing.  Too harsh? Sad. I know.

How do you know that it’s finally time to wrap up the show? When to finally stop pushing the envelope and look for your niche elsewhere? Coz if you think about it, how much time do we waste putting all our money, time and energy in doing something that we are not destined for? This same time that could have been invested in the actual field where you belong. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that if this was the case, then we would all be living the good life. Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if life was like an actual talent show? Something to the tune of America’s got talent or Tusker Project Fame. I know it’s brutal but I would always want to get an unbiased professional opinion when I decide to take a crack at something new. To immediately know if I’m rubbish at it so I can move on to the next hustle without wasting any more time.

Wishful thinking is what this is. But I’m glad that things are the way they are. Fact is, if things were that simple then no one would ever appreciate the value of hard work. Consistency wouldn’t hold much water and Faith would just be banter that church-going folk went on about.  Slackers would never have anything to worry about (not that they do anyway). There’s an air of maturity and satisfaction that comes with clawing your way, blood and sweat to the top of the pecking order. It might be hard af and may take longer than you’d ever imagined, but trust me, finally getting ‘there’ is not overrated. Relish the journey for it will remind you of how far you’ve come. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. #FCHW.

You can watch the video here.