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I’ve been watching this series of documentaries called “The Human Planet“, and it got me thinking. Is it possible for a human to live in complete isolation? I know for a fact that every individual is unique in their own way; one half being most comfortable wallowing in the solitude of their own company, while the other half preferring to always be in the company of others. Either way, I find it quite remarkable how much we’re all suckers for a second opinion. Others go for even a third and a fourth, but the majority fall under ‘the second opinion seekers’.

Doesn’t matter if you’re up to some mischief, or just doing your good deed for the day, some reassurance from a second party will go a long way. Again, it is of little significance whether the advice being offered is proper (for lack of a better word). You could be completely lost and alone in a foreign city somewhere, but the moment you ask a random stranger  for directions, you gain a little bit of confidence in your stride, despite the fact that the person have just asked for may be a complete nincompoop who just as lost as you are!

Admittedly, I also do experience this feeling every once in a while. But when I do, I stop. I remind myself that Christopher Columbus didn’t conquer new grounds by basing his decisions on other peoples opinions. With that in mind, I find that making your own decisions, regardless of what other people say, is really what independence is all about. Knowing that you will always be held accountable for the decisions you make no matter the circumstances, puts everything in a different perspective. The mere thought of knowing that there will be no one to pin the blame on once sh*t hits the fan when things start heading south ensures that you will always make sober decisions.

And even if things don’t work out as planned, not all is lost. If anything, that is just another feather in your cap. While others are busy pointing fingers and looking for people to blame for their inadequacies, you’re busy finding newer, better ways to solve the problems at hand.My advice? Stay positive. Live independent. The only way to go is forward.