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Now, like many other guys, I am very much drawn to cars and everything about them. It is my dream to one day purchase a beat-up 1970 ford Dodge Charger off ebay; the two-seater kind, take that old thing apart and rebuild it myself to perfection. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as I restore it to its original glory and splendor.  I’m old fashioned like that. And no, I don’t have one of those cliché childhood stories that ever since I was two, I always had the urge to take apart my toy cars, not to mention household electronics and put them back together with uttermost precision. (Big bro, if you’re reading this, now you know what happened to that Sony disc-man that you loved so much. I’m sorry man) As I was saying. You know that rush of adrenaline you get when those muhindis  Asian/Indian blokes with really souped, loud up Subarus pass you in traffic? That’s the satisfaction I imagine I would get from doing this. Not to mention that deep American muscle car-roar that would come from under the hood as I revved the engine for no particular reason . . .in a car park full of cars fitted with car alarms. I’m vain like that. That and the fact  that I will have brought back to ‘life’ something that was long gone from this world.

 1970 Dodge charger

What Dominic Torreto drove in 2 fast 2 furious.


I am an ardent fan of motorcycles. Most recently I bumped into a 1988, 4-stroke, 600cc Suzuki dirt bike. Okay, I know that not everyone enjoys motoring as I do, so relax. No need to fret unduly; there’s a point to all this so don’t stop scrolling just yet:^)

The bike

Well, maybe I’m going miles overboard with this picture, but I promise you it looked almost as good. This is the 2008 model of the aforementioned bike. Don’t let the year of manufacture fool you, this bike was in impeccable condition. Now if you know a thing or two about two wheeled transportation, you will bear me witness that this is not a motorcycle you come across every day.  That kind of engine capacity on a dirt bike is definitely no Childs play. She was parked outside this barber shop. I stood nearby, stealing a few glance here and there, pretending to be waiting for someone as I fidgeted with my phone. She was a beauty. Oh who was I fooling? I couldn’t take my eyes of her.  So at the risk of looking like a stalker, I decided to go into the barber shop to speak to her owner.

The Helmet.

I imagined that it wouldn’t be too hard to find him. I noticed that he hadn’t left his helmet on the bike, so he must have had it with him. (Meet my alter ego. His name is Captain Obvious!) To be honest, I expected the owner to be one of those heavily bearded rugged blokes with those ridiculous bow legs. Quite the contrary though.

I walked in to find a sporty leather jacket hung up, helmet on the side and a pretty kempt brother being tended to by the barber.  He was getting his beard trimmed (turns out I had pictured the wrong kind of biker- those with Harley Davidson bikes tend to gravitate towards my earlier description) Anyway, with respect  to the guy code, I couldn’t start chatting him up at that particular time. So said wsup then I sat and waited patiently for the barber to be done. Didn’t take too long. I had a million questions for him, but I decided to play it cool.

“Nice bike bruh”, I started. “ What’s that, 80, 90 brake horsepower you got there?”.  “Thanks man, it’s actually 70bhp, which on two wheels is quite a powerhouse;  disc brakes on the front and drum in the rear”, he replied nonchalantly.  This along with a list of other specs which I know not everyone here may be interested in reading, so I shall save you the agony. I was really surprised that he didn’t speak with any conceit whatsoever as is the norm among most riders.  We got talking and he went on to tell me more about her. The Suzuki.  I was curious as to how he stayed safe, considering the amount of torque on this baby. I know we’ve all heard of those freak motorcycle accidents. He then told me something that really caught my attention. To own a bike like this, you need to be mature. I didn’t understand. Was there an age restriction on bikes nowadays? I wondered. He went on to explain that this was clearly not those ‘ssenke’ or ‘keweseki’ Chinese models. This was the real deal. “You need to be able to tell the difference between where you have to ride at 10kph and where you can squeeze the throttle to the fullest”. “That’s what these funny ‘bodaboda’ owners don’t get”.  And that is the reason you’ll encounter such an accident every few days.  I realized that the was wearing a wedding ring, so tempted as I was to ask him what the mrs had to say about his second love, but  I didn’t. He seemed to have it all under control. I really admired how this person carried himself, and for a minute there, I wished I was a rider too. If owning a bike comes with this much swag, then this is dream that I shall persue.  Not that I don’t already wreak of swag, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep some in stock for a rainy day. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, or what anybody says, but I’m getting myself one of these sooner rather than later. With a little practice, who knows, maybe one day you’ll see me flying high in the Dakar rally!

KTM dirt bike

In the Dakar Rally:)

I know it’s a long shot, not even a lucid dream. But as the saying goes, if you don’t dream big, what’s the use of dreaming?  Do you have any dreams for 2012?