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To experience love in today’s world, man or woman, you must find the perfect balance between dominance and submission. No, this is not in reference to S & M.

Now I’m no Dr. Phil, but past experiences as well observation have led me to believe that this theory stands. If you never stand up for anything, you end up coming off as a push-over, which is pretty unattractive, still, if  you never let your guard down for your partner to win a few, then you risk coming off as too strong which is equally off-putting.

It’s all about finding that partner with who understands you inside and out. That person with whom you share common goals and tirelessly make compromises till you arrive at a mutuality of some sorts. Making sacrifices for your better half because sincerely, they do mean the world to you.

Gone are the days when ‘mzee’ would roar from way out there in the compound, and you all knew for a fact that the lion has entered his den. Days when the man would literally bring home the bacon, and get treated like King Mswati for everyone in that household knew that without him, life as they know it would cease! I remember those days when my father had his very own (significantly larger) tea/soup mug from which he drank every morning before leaving for work. So my siblings and I would watch anxiously as half the thermos was drained into this beast (The cup, not my father), as we waited to be served. No one took tea before father did. Lord knows what he would do if we pulled such a stunt, but for sure we knew we would be in hot soup. Woe unto you if you were ever to be caught eye-balling that mug, let alone touching it!

Back in the day, women had their place. And this was it.

I’m glad however that times have changed. So much so that roles have been fully reversed in quite a number of settings. Today it is women who are chasing all those promotions at the office and as a result, it is them who drive those huge fuel guzzlers that are making our planet extinct!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no chauvinist. I respect women very deeply. Hell, I was born and raised by one; and so it goes without saying that I appreciate the fact that in most households, both parents work their butts off to make ends meet. Let’s face it, with the ever-rising cost of living, those ladies waiting to get married to a gold mine are in for a big shock! Forget that hogwash they air on Desperate Housewives. This is real. The previously glorified post of housewife is rapidly losing its place in modern society.

Never underestimate the strength of a woman though. It’s God-given. They are the most driven human beings on this earth methinks. I’m even starting to think that they’ve been running things behind the scenes since time immemorial. Always finding a way to make the man feel like he owns the world, and at the same time guide him and shine his armor so he can look the part. Woe unto the man who doesn’t understand the female species. You don’t believe me? Ask Samson from the Bible, Bill Clinton former U.S president, Kenyan politicians? A woman will do anything to get ahead, even if it means stabbing a few backs here and there. The end does justify the means, right? Nancy Baraza might the perfect example of the paradigm shift the world is experiencing right now. Flashing a gun to a lowly ‘soldier’ who carries around just but a baton. Who does that? Call it a bad hair day but in my opinion, that was nothing short of a publicity stunt! A display of power to show the country who’s boss (Or at least assistant boss in the judiciary) And should that poor guard seek to follow up that matter relentlessly, she will surely draw the short straw if you know what I mean. I wouldn’t be surprised if she disappeared mysteriously, as will the case! Wasn’t the best way to handle the matter if you ask me. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think bloggers?

P.S. I title my blogs after I’m done writing them. I digressed so much in this one that I couldn’t find a solid summary of my two cents. So don’t be too keen on the heading. Keep an open mind and interpret as you see fit!