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Funny how we trust everyone around us but our better halves. Why do we let our relationships dangle on the edge while we entrust our lives to that taxi driver at westy to take you home in your drunken stupor yet he might as well  divert off course to Kangemi, steal from you and proceed to chop you up into little bits? Think about it. You might say you have no choice, but for you to make use of any means of public transport, you have to invest some trust in the often tired, underpaid, reckless and mildly intoxicated driver; that he/she will get you from A to B in one piece.

A whole different story though when your man tells you that he is going to meet up with the boys for a just few drinks. Receipt of such news for many of us would spark within us the demons that are our insecurities and send you into a bottomless pit of emotional tumult. I have witnessed this often when we’re out with the boys and one of us gets that dreaded phone call. “Babe uko wapi? Unafanyaa? Hiyo ni sauti ya nani nimeskia hapo?”  What follows are a bunch of absurd accusations which in most cases are unnecessary. I’m not saying that everyone always wears their heart on their sleeve, but if your spouse is actually making an effort to remain faithful to you, the last thing you’d want to do is to push them over the edge.

I mean, don’t  you trust the waiter not to spit in your burger despite you ridiculing the poor fella and very openly exhibiting  a pompous attitude towards him/her? Don’t you have to have faith in that pump attendant at the gas station not to pump ‘air’ into your fuel tank when you pull in for a fill up? (I’ve heard that this actually happens in some places). For those of us with dogs, don’t  you trust it not to chew your face off as you make those less than amicable facial expressions to amuse it? Not to forget those people working in white collar jobs, don’t you just trust that the boss won’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed and fire you’re overqualified ass in favor of his underachieving niece or nephew who couldn’t face up to the task of finding a job themselves?

As humans, we have to trust each other for us to live in harmony. I do not dispute the fact that the stakes are significantly higher when matters of the heart come into play. And for this reason, most of us are very apprehensive when it comes to trusting their spouses. Don’t be oblivious, but keep in mind that this however is not license for us to go all CSI on our loved ones. Human is to err, but if they still go ahead and betray your trust repeatedly without any sign of cleaning up their act, then don’t hesitate to bid good riddance to bad rubbish. You deserve better.

If the parents of the pupils in Nyakemincha  Primary School were brave enough to entrust the virgin minds of their children to a head teacher they hardly knew, then I think we should all be this brave and much more, especially when it comes to those who are most dear to our hearts.